This $550m yacht is so big it even has a room in its mast

We’re gonna need a bigger bo-… Oh wait. Picture: Getty Images

The world’s biggest sailing ship is almost ready to tame the high seas.

Sailing Yacht A has been built for Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko.

Melnichencko made his fortune in fertiliser, coal and electricity, and likes to spend it on big things. He owns a Boeing 737 BBJ, a villa in Antibes, an estate in Berkshire, and Motor Yacht A – a $400 million luxury motor yacht.

Motor Yacht A is currently the 21st biggest motor yacht in the world, and clearly, that doesn’t cut it for Melnichenko, so he’s put it up for sale.

Sailing Yacht A will put him at the head of the list by some margin. It’s 142.1m long, more than 30m longer than the nearest rival, Sea Cloud.

Last weekend, it pootled out of Strande in northern Germany for its first official sailing test.

Picture: Kieler Nachrichten/YouTube

It was hard to miss. It’s three masts are over 100m tall apiece. The main mast even has a cabin in it.

Here they are poking out from the huge enclosure under which the yacht was built, dwarfing a warship:

Picture: Getty Images

They are reportedly the largest and strongest composite freestanding structures in the world.

Under the water, 17 square metres of curved glass runs along its keel to provide unparalleled viewing from the lounge.

Picture: Michel/YouTube

Frenchman Philippe Starck was responsible for Super Yacht A’s stunning design. He also created Motor Yacht A and Steve Jobs’ $US100m yacht, Venus, which was completed after Jobs died:

Venus. Picture: Getty Images

Super Yacht A takes a crew of 54 to run and has a top speed of 38km/h.

But why rush when nowhere else is as good as this?

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