This 27-Year-Old Entrepreneur Has A Google Drive Competitor, And He's Not Even Worried

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Photo: Business Insider / Matthew Lynley

Google finally unveiled its online storage service, Google Drive. You can store pretty much any kind of file on Google’s servers, with up to 5GB of space for free.There are plenty of competitors, like Dropbox.

There’s also Box, an online storage service started in 2006 that focuses on the enterprise.

In fact, Box used to be a consumer-oriented online storage service like Google Drive, but CEO Aaron Levie decided to focus on serving large companies because he was worried that Google would wipe out the competition in the consumer space.

Now he isn’t too worried.

He wrote in a blog post that Google is a technology “elephant” that has to charge into many different markets to survive, while more focused companies like Box can focus on one sector.

Here’s what he said:

Of course, the downside of too much breadth can be poor execution. Google Wallet was launched with fanfare, but hasn’t quite lived up to the vision described.  With Health, Google set out to “solve an urgent need that dovetails with our overall mission of organising patient information and making it accessible and useful.” Apparently just not forever.  Google Wave, a product that was set to revolutionise communicationwell…

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