This 2011 tweet about Australia by Donald Trump shows exactly where his focus is

Photo: Mandel/ AFP/ Getty Images.

There’s a lot of talk around the uncertainty a Trump presidency will bring, be it in global markets, defense, or immigration. But one big question mark lands on the Trans Pacific Partnership, a deal which could see the elimination of 98% of the tariffs on Australian exports within the region.

During the election campaign Trump vowed to tear up US president Barack Obama’s legacy trade deal if he became president, saying: “We are getting ripped off by China, by Japan, by Mexico, everyone we do business with.”

That’s not good news for Australia.

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull was quick to reassure Australians last night, saying relationship with America “will continue to be strong”.

Meanwhile, long before he made his political bid, Donald Trump offered his view on Australia, framing it exactly the way you’d expect by a man who’s promised to make America great again.

Here’s what he said: