This Girl Asked Silicon Valley Investors For $500,000 To Bottle Up Air And Sell It

bare feet rachel sequoia

*Note: This was an April Fools hoax on the VC community planned by Trademarkia. For more details, click here.

Rachel Sequoia presented at February’s Venture Capital Fundraising Club in Silicon Valley and was the Audience Choice Winner. She asked investors for $500,000 to create her startup, Share the Air. 

Rachel’s idea is to bottle up air from around the globe and sell it to “plants, animals, and people.” The customers can open up jars in their homes for a refreshing scent of a Nepal mountain top or Paris.

The idea sounds stupid, but her presentation is refreshingly authentic. Staying true to her hippy self, Sequoia’s presentation consists of scribbles on notebook paper, she’s covered in piercings, and she went up there with bare feet.

Not the typical presentation, but we’re afraid this girl might actually be on to something. The idea is so stupid it could be brilliant.

*Note, some sceptics believe that this presentation is a prank on the VC community because of some loose facts in her hand-drawn presentation, but there’s no hard proof. We admit her last name being ‘Sequoia” is a little fishy. We’ll keep you posted if we hear otherwise.

Watch her presentation:

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