This 2-Year-Old Elvis Impersonator Just Out-Viraled The Kony2012 Video

The Kony2012 video’s reign over the viral video world has been overthrown by a toddler dancing to Elvis’ “Jail House Rock.”

The video of two-year-old lord of the dance William Stokkebroe has racked up almost eight million views since it was posted on March 15, making it the best possible ad for his parents’ dance studio, Studie43, ever.

Although Invisible Children’s 30-minute video about Ugandan war criminal Joseph Kony became the most viral video of all time, averaging 412,000 views a day, its three-week dominance as most-shared video has ended. The Stokkebroe video was shared 943,754 times last week, more than Kony2012. 

Unruly Media ranks the most-shared videos online. Here’s their data on the two-year-old dancer versus Kony:

elvis dancing baby

Photo: Unruly

invisible children kony unruly

Photo: Unruly

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