This 15-Year-Old Australian Just Got Back From The Tech Trip Of A Lifetime

Ban Pasternak. Image: Supplied.

15-year-old Ben Pasternak is quickly becoming a household name.

He first came to Business Insider’s attention when he built an app during science class which was a hit in Apple’s App Store, briefly beating Tinder and Vine on the charts.

Pasternak now has the tech bug. All he wants to do is build apps. But unfortunately school goes back this week and that’s a slight problem.

He’s currently working on an app which he describes as a “more personalised messenger”. He said it’s a cross between Snapchat and Instagram and has already met with a couple of investors and claims he is looking to close a deal soon.

Pasternak said the amount of money he’s seeking, if he could keep it for himself, would “buy a couple of Ferraris”.

He’s just returned from a ridiculous trip around San Francisco and Silicon Valley where he hung out with some of the best in the business.

Now he sees school as something that’s getting in the way. Although he did say he wants to finish year 12, he’s considering doing that in the US.

“In Australia they treat a 15-year-old below but in San Francisco I felt like one of them,” he said.

“I’m definitely no Mark Zuckerberg yet but we’ll see what happens.”

Pasternak visited the Facebook, Instagram, Yo, Apple and Google offices.

Sheryl Sandberg walked past him a couple of times.

“When I saw Mark [Zuckerberg] at first I was star struck at first, I was like two metres away from the most powerful person in the world, it was totally surreal,” he said.

“You know how he pretty much wears the same thing every day? He was exactly like every photo of him. It didn’t feel real.”

Here are a few of his photos from the ultimate tech trip.

He visited Steve Jobs' childhood home. 'Even though there wasn't much to see, it was a sentimental experience.'

At Apple HQ Pasternak toured the lobby, auditorium and saw the cafeteria. 'Phil Schiller was sitting opposite me while I was eating. I also went to the company store and got cool shirts.'

'Google was more nerdy.'

'I travelled the campus on Google bikes and got to play around with different bits and pieces at the Google Visitor Room.'

'Facebook was so impressive. They had 7 restaurants where you eat free, they had ice cream... It felt like a technology theme park.'

He didn't meet Mark Zuckerberg but said his office was all glass and there was a sign which said 'Please don't take photos of the animals'. 'I stared at him for a second.'

He also tried out Oculus Rift.

And placed top 8 in a hack-a-thon while he was there. Together with his crew they created an app which warns people if there's been an earthquake around them.

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