This 1,152-metre tall skyscraper could soon be the world's 'first vertical city'

Photo: AMBS Architects/ Facebook.

A proposed 1,152-metre skyscraper with 42 storeys in Basra, Iraq, could soon be the world’s tallest building, surpassing Dubai’s Burj Khalifa which is 830 metres tall.

As part of a city-wide master plan, AMBS Architects, who have offices in London and Baghdad, was commissioned by the Basra Governorate “with an aim of maximizing the city’s capacity by 2025” in the world’s “first vertical city”, according to architecture and design site, designboom.

The building structure named “The Bride”, would be comprised of four conjoined towers including residential areas, school, a sky garden, commercial centre as well as its own rail network spanning across 1,550,908 square metres.

“Super-tall towers are perceived as an object in the distance,” said AMBS.

“An alien planted in the city, disconnected from the urban scale at ground level. The Bride, on the other hand, will be conceived as a city itself both vertically but also horizontally from the ground.”

The project, which would sit on 1,550,000 square metres of land, was designed to address the issue of urban sprawl and to limit the impacts on the environment with a net zero structure with energy production equal to its energy consumption.

According to designboom, the design would “respond to the external environment strategically” with a glazed canopy, nicknamed the “veil”, to provide shading on the south side as well as the use of hybrid solar cooling PVT panels to produce chilled water for cooling.

Here’s a closer look at the incredible project.

The Bride is part of a huge trend to build upwards with higher density to combat the issue of outward growth in cities.

The state-of-the-art project is looking the be the 'epicentre of growth and investment' in Basra, Iraq, which is currently home to a large supply of Iraq's oil reserves.

The structure is made up of four towers with heights of 1,152 metres, 724 metres, 484 metres and 61 metres respectively and will be connected by 'sky gardens.'

The project received its name 'The Bride' after it was dubbed as the 'The Bride of the Gulf’ by the local people.

So far, there has been no scheduled date for its construction but it has been hailed a 'city-wide masterplan' pushing boundaries in engineering and innovation in one of the fastest growing business centres in Iraq.

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