This $1 million program wants to break down the startup stereotype of 'blokes in hoodies'

Photo: Silicon Valley/ IMDb.

Australian startup accelerator Blue­Chilli, with the support of GSK Australia, has launched SheStarts, a national accelerator program to champion female leadership in the startup sector.

The program is offering 10 women $100,000 each in pre-seed capital and a spot in the SheStarts accelerator.

SheStarts has found the top 20 ideas from women across the country which will participate in a bootcamp, kicking off in Sydney today. The top 10 pitched will gain a spot in the program.

The successful women will also travel to Silicon Valley to learn about the US investment market and network.

The aim of the accelerator program is change the perception that startups are run by “blokes in hoodies and sneakers,” says Nicola Hazel, BlueChilli’s head of diversity and impact.

According to Hazel, while women make up more than half of the population, reports indicated women represented between 14 and 24% of startup founders.

The Australian has more.

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