This App Can Find Your True Bra Size By Taking Two Selfies Of Your Breasts

It’s often been said that the majority of women don’t know their “true” bra size.

Now, an app called ThirdLove wants to help women find their size by using data from two selfie photos of the customer’s chest.

Yes. Find your bra size by taking a selfie of your breasts, TechCrunch reports.

How does this work?

According to the app, there are three easy steps.

The first step is to take two photos of your chest, as seen here:

Services offered at Victoria’s Secret and boutique undergarment stores have long benefited from holding events in their shops to lure customers in, selling the idea that finding the right bra can change your life.

ThirdLove is not the first app of its kind (Sizem comes to mind), but it certainly is different.

ThirdLove uses image recognition and human voice commands to take you through the process of snapping two pictures of your breasts, one from the front and the other from the side. You wear a tank top while taking the photos. In just a few moments, the app process the photos and gives you a size number – something like TG431 – specific to the fit of one of their custom bras.

According to TechCrunch, ThirdLove makes its bras in Mexico, and some of the production will eventually be moving to China.

The company has raised a $US5.6 million.

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