Dan Loeb's Third Point Massively Increases Its Stake In Yahoo, Takes A New Stake In Apple

Dan Loeb

Photo: screenshot via Jewish Enrichment centre

Third Point’s founder Dan Loeb, who was recently fighting with Yahoo!’s board, revealed a massive stake in the company in his latest 13F regulatory filing.For the quarter ended 3/31/2012, Loeb’s hedge fund had snapped up 70,500,400 million shares in Yahoo!, according to the filing.  

That’s a 5.78% stake, according to Bloomberg data.  

In the previous quarter’s filing, Third Point disclosed 56,000,700 shares and 10,000,000 calls in Yahoo!. 

Third Point also took up a new stakes in both Apple (362,000 shares) and Google (280,000 shares), the filing shows.

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