There may be a third iPhone model next year with a better screen

A report from Japanese news site Nikkei (via MacRumors) claims that Apple will unveil a third iPhone model with a 5.5-inch OLED (organic light emitting diode) display with curved side edges.

It was first reported by Reuters back in January this year that Apple could adopt OLED displays for iPhones in 2018, but if this latest rumour is true, we could see this new OLED iPhone as soon as next year in 2017.

The third iPhone model will apparently be released alongside the regular 4.7 and 5.5-inch iPhones with LCD displays.

OLED displays are superior than the LCD technology currently found in iPhones. For one, OLED displays have much better contrast where darks are darker and brights are brighter, which helps make anything on the screen “pop.” OLED displays also reproduce deeper colours than an LCD could.

OLED displays can even be more power-efficient than LCD displays, as they can turn off specific parts of the screen for anything that’s coloured black. An LCD display, on the other hand, is always on, even when displaying the colour black.

Below is a comparison between the iPhone 6s Plus’ LCD display against the OLED display on the Galaxy Note 5. Both phones have the same picture of the colour black, but it’s clear that the iPhone’s LCD screen looks more grey than it does black. The same image on the Note 5’s OLED display is clearly showing a much more accurate black colour. In fact, the majority of the Note 5’s screen is off because OLED displays actually turn off to display the colour black.

If you want an idea of what a smartphone with curved OLED displays, you can check out the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (below) and Note 7.

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