Think Your Boss Is Nuts? Take This Quiz

But here’s a hint, if you already think it, he probably is.

Here’s a sampler:

1. Your boss calls you… a) At a reasonable hour in the morning, after you’ve had time for your muffin.
b) The moment you get into the office, but basically just to schmooze.
c) While you’re in the shower at 7 a.m., to scream at you for something that was resolved a week ago but you never had a chance to tell him about because he was too busy screaming at somebody else about something that was resolved the week before that.
d) At 3:30 a.m. just about every night to babble in drunken incoherence into the phone.

Um, if email counts, we’ve had letter D! Who hasn’t?…Um, right?

Anyway, to take the rest of this awesome quiz by Fortune’s Stanley Bing, click here.

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