Think Tank Ponders NY Tech Economy

Wall Street-based think tank centre For An Urban Future is pondering one of the
questions that comes up at almost every New York tech meetup and networking breakfast: What can the city do to make New York a better place for technology companies to start, grow, and thrive? Research director Jim O’Grady writes in an email to the NY Tech Meetup mailing list that his team is looking to answer some of the same questions we have:

  • What are the obstacles to growing a robust tech sector here?
  • What advantages does the city have in this realm and how could they better be exploited?

The obstacle we hear about most: Hiring good talent, especially engineers, when you have to compete with the huge salaries banks throw at coders and the perks available at fast-growing Google. And New York’s big advantage? That it’s New York: Plenty of stuff to do here, people to know and business relationships to forge. Look forward to reading more from Jim’s report, scheduled for release this November.