Google Will Reveal A Revamped Version Of Google TV Soon

google tv eric schmidt

[credit provider=”Associated Press”]

The first version of Google TV may be a dud, but the company is working on the next version and could show it off at its I/O conference next month.An industry source says the next version of Google TV has a lot more potential than today’s version for three main reasons:

  • Performance. It will use a faster chip set.
  • Better user experience.
  • Android apps. Google has already said it will soon be possible to run Android apps on Google TV. This source believes that Google will build a TV-specific version of the Android Market right into the Google TV interface, giving developers a lot of incentive to build apps for it.

More generally, this person thinks that Android is slated for an explosion of new video content and apps, driven in part by the new crop of Android tablets as well as the merging of Android into Google TV.

Maybe. But history suggests that Google will have an uphill battle getting consumers to add an extra device to their TV just to get more interactivity. From Web TV through Apple TV and Google TV, every attempt to make TVs more like computers has failed to take off.