Think the Apple Watch is expensive? Check out this $162,000 watch its creator calls 'the future'

We finally learned how Apple will price its first-generation Apple Watch: It will start at $US350, and range all the way up to $US17,000 for the most expensive model.

But if you think $US17,000 is expensive for a watch, you haven’t seen the Dream Watch 5 from Swiss watchmaker De Bethune, which its founder and designer David Zanetta calls, “the future.”

With polished titanium and sweeping angles that make it look like a spaceship, the Dream Watch 5 costs a whopping $US162,000. Here it is:

The Dream Watch 5 shows the hours, minutes, and even a spherical indicator showing the moon’s phase. The titanium has a mirror-like finish, and the band is made of “extra-supple alligator leather” with a pin buckle.

In a limited edition of just 10, De Bethune’s Dream Watch 5 is more than 9X more expensive than the Apple Watch — but it still can’t show you texts and notifications, let you make calls, or track your heart rate. This watch is less about functionality and more about fashion and fantasy.

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