25 things you can do while you’re stuck at home with your partner that don’t involve Netflix

You can do a variety of activities at home with your partner during the coronavirus pandemic. Rawpixel.com/Shutterstock
  • Couples who are currently quarantined or self-isolating together might find themselves running out of things to do.
  • Although it can be fun to Netflix and chill, there are plenty of other activities couples can do at home together to help pass the time.
  • Giving each other massages, doing crosswords or puzzles together, rearranging your furniture, and taking baths together are just a few examples of creative things couples can do together at home.
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Give each other at-home massages.

You can massage each other at home. Dave & Les Jacobs/Getty Images

You can’t get a professional massage right now, but that doesn’t mean you and your partner can’t help each other relax.

Light candles to set the mood and use lotions to make the massages feel legit. You’ll both feel relieved and closer after the experience.

Use the time to hang new pictures in the house.

Hang photos in your home together. Shestock/Getty Images

Whether you’ve lived together for years or just started sharing a space, hanging new photos can freshen up your space.

Creating an exercise routine together has multiple benefits.

You can exercise together. LWA/Dann Tardif/Getty Images

Not only will working out together keep you both physically healthy, but it can also help you maintain your mental health, as exercise is proven to decrease anxiety.

Doing any kind of safe workout with your partner can be beneficial, but something like yoga would be particularly helpful, as it’s designed to be calming.

Even if it’s not usually your thing, playing video games together can help to pass the time.

You can play video games together. Gpointstudio/Getty Images

The great thing about video games is that they help you escape reality, so you can enjoy some time together without feeling anxious about the state of the world for a few hours.

You can play whatever game you want, but the newly released “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” is great for stress relief.

You can schedule a virtual double date to connect with friends.

You can have double dates online. LOUISE BEAUMONT/Getty Images

Spending time with your partner is great, but you probably miss your friends at this point, which is why arranging a double date via Zoom will be a welcome change of pace.

You can spend quality time with your partner and connect to your friends you haven’t seen all at once.

Quarantine presents a good opportunity to rearrange your furniture.

You can rearrange your furniture. Maskot/Getty Images

You and your partner will be at home during the pandemic anyway, so you might as well test out the different furniture arrangements you’ve been daydreaming about.

It will be easier to try with a partner, and you can always switch it back if you don’t like it.

Arrange a “Great British Bake Off”-style baking competition, where the loser has to do the dishes.

You can have a baking competition. PeopleImages/Getty Images

Many people are baking to pass the time during the pandemic, and adding the fun of competition will just make it more enjoyable.

Use ingredients you already have at the house, and see what creations you can make.

It’s a good time to clean out the closet.

You can organise together. Clean Lines Organising and Design, LLC

Even spring cleaning can be fun if you have the right buddy. Grab your partner and spend an afternoon transforming your closet into your dream space.

You can look at these organised closets to inspire your project.

Collect your old family photos into albums.

Organise photos with your partner. Halfpoint Images/Getty Images

Scrapbooking can be time-consuming, particularly if you’re trying to get things in chronological order.

But it will be easier to do with the help of your partner. It’s a good way to spend a Saturday, and it will be fun to get a glimpse of each other’s ancestry.

Crosswords or puzzles are more fun to do as a team.

You can do puzzles together. Steve Mason/Getty Images

Crosswords and puzzles are great home activities because you can put your full focus on them, or you can do them passively while you watch Netflix.

Plus, there are many crossword apps, so you can enjoy brain teasers without lifting a finger.

If you’re a first-time crossword user, you can check out tips on how to ace them here.

Build a pillow fort for a movie marathon.

Watch movies in a fort. The Gender Spectrum Collection

You likely will want to Netflix and chill while you’re at home with your significant other at some point, but you can take the movie time to the next level by making an old-fashioned blanket fort to watch some movies in.

The cosy space will be fun to build together, and it will make movie time even more of a blast.

You can bring the fun of s’mores into your home.

You can make s’mores. Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

You don’t need to go to the woods or even outside to make it feel like you’re camping.

You can roast marshmallows over your fireplace or stove, or you can even microwave them. Add chocolate and a graham cracker, and you’re good to go.

Make sure you’re spending some time apart.

Save time for yourself. Hero Images/ Getty Images

It’s healthy to spend time apart from your partner, but it can be harder to do that naturally if you’re self-isolating or quarantining.

Try scheduling one weekend day where you and your partner spend time doing your own thing.

Then, you can eat dinner together and talk about how your days were without already knowing the answer.

Plan themed date nights based on cuisine.

You can do date night at home. Maskot/Getty Images

To make your date nights feel special, choose to theme them around whatever you’re eating.

If you’re having spaghetti, transform your home into an Italian bistro for the night. If it’s taco night, make homemade margaritas to go with your meal.

Trade off cooking and planning with your partner, so you can both enjoy feeling pampered.

If you have a backyard or outdoor space, you can have some fun with water.

You can make a miniature beach. Josef Lindau/Getty Images

Whip out an inflatable pool, and make a beach day in your backyard. Bring books, sunscreen, and water toys.

It will feel like you went somewhere new even though you’re staying put, as recommended.

Take a bubble bath together.

Bubble baths are romantic for couples. Grey’s Anatomy/ABC

Take a page out of Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd’s book and enjoy a bubble bath as a couple, “Grey’s Anatomy”-style.

The bath will be a nice change of pace, and it can light a spark of romance as you get in the routine of staying home.

All you need to make it happen is bubbles and your partner, but candles are highly encouraged.

Have a wine tasting night to make a dent in the quarantine supplies you purchased.

You can taste wine at home. Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images

Odds are wine is one of the things you stocked up on before settling into your new shelter-in-place life, so you might as well put it to good use.

Taste a few different wines, and pair them with an assortment of cheeses. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a winery.

Or you could make your own bar crawl.

You can make a mini bar crawl at home.

Make mini bars in different rooms of your home, and create themed drinks for those spaces.

You can hop from room to room throughout the night, sipping on different drinks, and it will feel like you’re adventuring around town even though you haven’t left home.

You should probably do your taxes.

It’s a good idea to get your taxes done. WAYHOME studio/Shutterstock

Even though the federal income tax due date was delayed, you might as well do your taxes while you’re home with your partner, particularly if you file together.

It will take something off your to-do list.

Try to become TikTok famous together.

Try TikTok challenges as a couple. GaudiLab/Shutterstock

If there’s one thing you and your partner have time to do together right now, it’s filming yourself doing TikTok dances.

Practice your moves, and share them on the platform to see if fame is waiting for you.

You can write each other love notes.

Write your partner a love letter. Shutterstock

Your partner will probably start to annoy you if you spend 24 hours a day with them, which might make it harder to remember to affirm them.

Pause the monotony by writing your partner a love note. It will take you time to write thoughtfully about what they mean to you, and your partner will have a memento of what they meant to you during this time.

Schedule a virtual couples therapy session.

You can do couples therapy. Shutterstock/WAYHOME studio

Many therapists are offering virtual therapy sessions because of the coronavirus, and you and your partner could take advantage of that for couples counseling.

Therapy can be helpful for couples under normal circumstances, so it’s bound to be helpful amid a pandemic.

You could start a board game tournament.

Start a board game tournament.

You’ll likely be home together for a while, so it’s the perfect time to start a long-term board game tournament.

Pick five to 10 board games, and play them throughout the week or all day on the weekend. Keep score of who wins more often, and the champion gets a prize of their choosing.

Take a break from Netflix by reading a book together.

Read a book together.

It’s fun to read next to each other, but you can make the experience more fun by reading to each other.

Pick a book you’re both interested in, and take turns reading it aloud to one another. Add blankets and hot chocolate for an even cozier time.

Lighten things up with a dance party.

You can dance at home. g-stockstudio/ Getty Images

You can’t go to a club to dance right now, and you’re both probably feeling bogged down by the heaviness of the news cycle.

But dancing at home can take you away from that. Put on a fun playlist, and dance it out with your partner.