18 Bizarre Things That Could Only Happen In Venezuela

This weekend, Venezuela seized an electronics supplier after they “illicitly” raised prices.

This summer, Venezuelans began procuring dollars en masse abroad and bringing them back home to take advantage of their government’s currency controls by selling the greenbacks on the black market at a premium.

It’s just one of the many odd, unique things that have occurred in the Bolivarian Republic since Hugo Chavez was elected in 1998 and promptly flipped the country’s regime from democratic to socialist.

We’ve gone back and looked at 19 other instances where Venezuelan society appears to have wandered away from how most countries do things.

Golf was banned for being too bourgeois.

Source: New York Times

Though a few years later, President Chavez congratulated Jhonnatan Vegas for winning the Bob Hope Classic.

Source: Cybergolf

There is basically an entire industry devoted to pumping out beauty queens.

Source: Bloomberg

The first lady is called the 'first combatant.'

Source: New York Times

There are toilet paper shortages because of hoarding and profiteering.

Source: LA Times

Same for diapers, milk, and lots of other basic necessities.

Source: New York Times

And inflation sometimes hits close to 20%.

Source: Reuters

Parrots get their own revolutionary berets.

There's a good chance you're driving an ancient car, probably American.

Source: New York Times

Because 'conspiracies' are everywhere, there was an investigation into 'the roots' of late leader Hugo Chavez' cancer...

Source: New York Times

And the country's founding father was exhumed to prove he was assassinated (the results were inconclusive).

Chavez at one point hosted a regular 8-hour-long talk show, 'Aló Presidente.'

Source: New York Times

After Chavez passed, it got changed to 'Dialogo Bolivariano' -- Bolivar Chat.

The country wanted to raise a one-million-strong 'guerrilla army' to protect against a U.S. invasion.

Source: The Telegraph

'Columbus Day' is called 'The Day of Indigenous Resistance'

They've got high-profile friends like Sean Penn...

And Naomi Campbell.

BONUS: There's also this.

And this...

And this.

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