14 of the most shameless and hilarious Chinese rip-offs of western brands

Hiphone 6Youtube/LOJADOISCHIPS ANTONIO CARLOSBelieve it or not, this HiPhone is a Chinese fake.

The counterfeit goods industry in China is enormous.

Four of every 10 products sold online in the country are counterfeit or of “bad quality,” according to a 2015 report by the Chinese news agency Xinhua.

Fake goods are not limited to online stores. Entire markets are filled with cut-price fake goods and shop fronts that appear to be rip-offs of American brands like KFC and WalMart.

Most recently, a Chinese sportswear brand called Uncle Martian launched, which carries more than a passing resemblance to Under Armour.

We compiled 17 of the most brazen Chinese copycat brands.

Mamta Badkar and Cooper Smith compiled an earlier version of this report.

Under Armour is considering taking legal action against copycat Chinese sportswear brand Uncle Martian, the company told Business Insider.

Uncle Martian

Read the full story here.

HiPhone has been copying Apple's iPhone for years. The HiPhone 6 looks very realistic on the outside, though it runs an android operating system.

The Onda Air bares a close resemblance to the iPad Air. It runs both Android and Windows.

The Landwind Suv looks a lot like a Range Rover.

Walmart has clearly been the inspiration for Wumart. A spokesman for the Chinese supermarket said candidly: 'We dream about being the Walmart of China,' according to The Economist.

Tired of finding Starbucks in every town you visit? Try out Sunbucks in Shanghai.

One of the many Chinese rips-offs of KFC was Beijing's Obama Fried Chicken. However the shop took down the sign in 2011 after facing pressure from local authorities.

Pizza Hut is mimicked by Pizza Huh.

Business Insider

Source: ABC News.

Unsurprisingly, McDonalds has not escaped the copycat treatment. This Chinese example is actually one of the most subtle.

scoobyfoo/Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0

China managed a mash-up rip off of 'Harry Potter' and 'Lord of The Rings' in the same book. It translates as 'Harry Potter and the Leopard Walk-Up-To Dragon.'

There is a striking similarity between Borios and Oreos.

Business Insider

Source: Buzzfeed

Cerono Extra looks incredibly similar to Mexican beer brand Corona's products.

Business Insider

Source: The Epoch Times

Olay shampoo is replicated by OK.

Business Insider

Source: Buzzfeed.

This copy of Wrigley's gum is incredibly difficult to pronounce.

Business Insider

Source: The Epoch Times.

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