Things That Are Great About AOL

After reading our earlier post on the “disintegration” of AOL, a reader complained that we only talked to bitter, whiny AOL sources and scolded us for not writing about all the great things that are going on at AOL.

In response, we noted that we had often written about some good things that are going on at AOL, such as:

– (plus Tacoda, Quigo, Lightningcast, etc.)
–Money & Finance
–Skillful and profitable wind-down of the access business

We also offered to print testimonials from other, happier AOL sources. So, if you feel that there are great things going on at AOL that we haven’t talked about, we’d love to hear from you. Please post in the comments below, and we’ll add excerpts directly to this post.



Jenkins: Safe place to be during a recession?

ex-aoler: they give generous severance packages….

white-collar joe: Good luck finding “happier” AOL employees at the old headquarters. Last October’s layoffs coupled with the move of HQ to NYC have left the Dulles campus dazed and confused. We hear from Randy on occasion, but rarely hear from Ron. There is no apparent leadership.

On the flip side, the folks visiting from BDC (Bangalore Dev centre, India) all seem exceedingly happy. Happy to meet us, happy to be visiting the United States, and happy to be on the receiving end of a knowledge-transfer as we hand our jobs over, group-by-group, individual-by-individual. Good for them. The folks at AOL India really are good people. Management and technical skills? Well, mixed bag there, but they really are some of the nicest, kindest people I have ever met. Ironic what a pleasure it is to work with them, knowing I am handing over my job and its just a matter of time before I get canned. I guess that’s a sure sign I am ready to go.




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