12 Things That Annoy Me About The IPhone With IOS 7

Iphone 5 ios 7 business insiderWilliam Wei, Business InsideriOS 7: Coming soon to an iPhone near you.

I’ve been using an early version of Apple’s new operating system for iPhones, iOS 7, since the day it became available to developers.

After two months, I can’t imagine going back to how my iPhone used to be. It’s become the new normal.

With that said, it could still be better. I’m not talking about bugs in the beta either. Those are to be expected, after all.

What I’m talking about are things where Apple still hasn’t gotten the design quite there, or features are still missing.

You can't customise which camera app the lock screen shortcut opens

While the shortcut on the lock screen that lets you quickly access the camera is nice, many people probably don't use the iPhone's stock camera app as their primary method of taking pictures.

I'd like to see Apple add the ability to set the shortcut to open the iPhone to Instagram or Snapchat, for instance. Maybe that's not going far enough - why not let us set it to any app?

The voice dictation button is in an awful spot on the keyboard

Putting the voice dictation button next to the space button - the single most used key on a keyboard - seems absurd.

I can't tell you how many times I've accidentally tapped this, only to have to wait a second before cancelling out.

Bad service in big cities

The vast majority of my time with my iPhone has been in SF and New York City, two areas notorious for bad service.

While there's probably not much that can be done for that in software, I'm hoping that the new iPhone(s) that come out this fall don't lose service so easily.

Apple's new icons are ugly

While it's not the biggest deal in the world, the icons on iOS 7 could use some work.

The icons for Safari, Photos, and Game Center are particularly awful.

Siri is nowhere near as good as Google Now

Siri is nice and notification center is definitely better on iOS 7 than in previous iterations.

But having used Google Now on Android and within the Google Search app on iOS, it's amazing how incredibly behind Siri seems.

Not being able to change the default email app

iOS 7 has the same problem with its Mail app as well. It's fine (and certainly got better in iOS 7), but my email app of choice is Mailbox.

I wish that when I wanted to send a group of photos to someone, like family members who aren't tech-literate enough to be on my various social networks, I could choose which app to send them through right from the Photos app.

Autocorrect is bad and you can't use other keyboards

Apple's autocorrect is famously bad. There are entire books and countless sites and Tumblr pages dedicated to 'autocorrect fails.'

So why doesn't Apple let us substitute some other keyboard in, like Android does? I'd love to have something like Swype on my iPhone.

Lack of widgets

My iPhone has a home screen with 16 app icons, and a dock of four icons. The second screen has 16 app icons, and the same dock of four icons. My third screen, well, you get the idea.

Unlike Android, iOS still doesn't offer custom shortcuts or widgets. I'd like to see some of the battery saving features in OS X Mavericks come over to iOS 7 so we could finally get this feature that Android users have had for years.

The battery needs to be better

This is probably the number one complaint users have about their smartphones. They do so many fantastic things, yet if you take advantage of those features your battery will be done before you get home.

If Apple could guarantee all-day battery life on the next iPhone, I'd buy it on day one.

Not being able to choose a different default browser

I use Google's Chrome browser on my desktop computer. I use it on my iPhone, too. But, it's an incomplete experience because Apple doesn't let me make Chrome the default browser. So, if I see a link in an email, tweet, or app, it will automatically open to Safari instead of Chrome.

That means at least three extra clicks if I want to open a link from an email and bookmark it in Chrome. When you use the Internet as much as I do, that's a lot of extra time.

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