14 people share the one thing they don't regret splurging on

Shinya Suzuki / FlickrSome like to splurge on lattes.

Whether they are loyal to a pricier product or spend a little bit extra on something that improves their lives, these Redditors shared the one thing they don’t regret spending money on. As always, these are just for fun as INSIDER can’t independently authenticate the stories.

Some believe nice sheets and pillowcases are worth every cent.

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“I splurged on 100% cotton sheets. After spending a few nights sleeping on 50% cotton and 50% polyester sheets I knew my sheets and pillowcases were worth every cent.” – Redditor Silly_Christians

A housekeeping service is worth the cost for some.


“[A housekeeping service] is one of the best splurges. I was on the fence for a long time and we finally invested in monthly cleaning now that I am 38 weeks pregnant.

“I’m definitely going to keep [paying for] it once I go back to work since it’s so nice not to have to worry about the toilets, bathtubs and some of the bigger stuff.” – Redditor greenandpink

Investing in groceries is important to some.

“This will seem ridiculous to a lot of people, but groceries. We have a $US750 monthly budget for groceries for two people. We eat high-quality, organic, cage-free, and grass-fed foods … We both firmly believe in investing in good food for future health, so the high expense aligns with the life we want.” – Redditor volleybal11jeannie

Expensive yarn is the perfect treat for some.

“Yarn and spinning fibre. I hate the cheap stuff they sell at big box stores- I want natural fibres. They’re much nicer to work with, feel better in the fingers, have better drape and stitch definition, and they pill less. So, a couple of times a year I treat myself to a few skeins, spending $US20 to $US50 on each. Worth it.” – Redditor Aparty

Some get their money’s worth with noise-cancelling headphones.

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“Noise-cancelling headphones. I debated for a full year before I bought them. I have never in my life spent so much money on headphones. I use them every day and they were worth every cent.” – Redditor Walk_Run_Skip

Some feel eyebrow threading can be a relaxing treat.

“Getting my eyebrows regularly threaded. I have had the same technician for the past few years. It’s just so relaxing to have someone who ‘knows my shape’ so I don’t have to fret in this eyebrow-obsessed era we live in.” – Redditor BasicUrbProBetch

Some feel getting their nails done is worth the splurge.

“Getting my nails done. I go every two to three weeks, which can add up. I justify it because it makes me look more put-together and professional for work. I have over 60 different nail polishes of my own but if they all chip within two days what’s the point? I could just as easily go bare or clear, but getting my nails done is more fun.” – Redditor OutdoorFreshScent

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An occasional cigar is worth the splurge for some.

“Cigars. I don’t have them more than once every week or two and it’s usually one of the cheaper ones I can get. Every few months, though, I’ll splurge and buy a $US15 cigar and enjoy my night to the fullest.” – Anonymous Redditor

Some like to splurge on high-quality boots.

“I am a backcountry backpacker and I buy the very best boots I can afford. I take a lot of time to try them on, often going through six or eight pairs … ” – Redditor Drumlin

Some feel their CrossFit membership is money well-spent.

“I do CrossFit and my membership is $US125 per month … That said, it’s worth every penny to me. I’ve learned movements that I would not dare to try without supervision (gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting), I’ve gotten stronger and more confident, and I love the community at my gym. The workouts are gruelling and highly effective and the community serves as a great motivator.” – Redditor emasol

For some, a weekly cleaning service is worth every penny.


“[A cleaning service] once a week. I go to work on Thursdays with a dirty house and come home to clean sheets, towels, mopped and vacuumed floors, and spotless bathrooms.” – Redditor JesusBuiltMyHot-Rod

Some feel laser eye surgery is worth the cost.

“Laser eye surgery is some of the best money I’ve ever spent. The procedure is painless and over in a few seconds.

“Your eye is uncomfortable (it feels like something is in it) for a few days while it heals. You use eye drops for a short time and within a couple weeks your vision slowly improves until it’s like you’re wearing glasses all the time – but you aren’t! I have 20/10 vision now and it’s great.” – Redditor PhilosophicalFarmer

Splurging on business-class for long flights is worth it to some.

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“Business class air travel. Or, first class if you can get it using miles or points or through an upgrade. Business class] is totally worth it, especially on long-haul flights. You also get the lounge, priority boarding, and priority baggage.” – Redditor DrDiarrhea

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Some love to treat themselves to a pastry or latte.

“Coffee shops. I get free coffee at work, but I’m a big fan of going to coffee shops to work on my own freelance or personal projects. Sometimes I’ll splurge on a pastry or a $US4 latte. Totally worth it for the ambiance. Plus, it lets me support a local business.” – Redditor thisisalongline

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