11 things no man should have in his apartment

You graduated college, you got a job, and you moved to the big city. You’re an adult now.

It’s time your apartment reflected that.

It’s time to face the facts: Some of your college holdouts need to be disposed of, and that mirror you stole from your favourite college bar isn’t as cool as you once thought it was.

Take stock of your living situation, and see if you need to make a few adjustments. CD racks, unframed posters, and futons have no place in your adult life.

Anything that looks like it would belong in a bar should stay there.

The rule goes like this: if it looks like it belongs in a bar, it should stay there. Neon beer brand signs, beer branded mirrors, and bar games are always going to make your apartment look like a bar.

Is that really the aesthetic you want to create?

A tapestry in place of framed art is probably going to give off the wrong impression.

Another popular covering for bare walls are tapestries. Unfortunately, they give off a strong hippie vibe that is no longer cute after college.

Any kind of fake plant or greenery is suffocating.

Fake plants seem like a great idea -- no maintenance required, and you still get a little bit of greenery in your living space.

Unfortunately, there's nothing more disappointing to anyone visiting your apartment than touching a plant and finding out it's fake. Avoid that fake out and look into real, low-maintenance plants that won't be hard to keep alive.

Plastic anything.

Plastic is another big tip-off that you're not fully grown-up yet.

Avoid plastic shelving, or really, plastic furniture of any kind.

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