12 things every guy should keep at his desk

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Sure, you have the requisite pens, pads, notebooks, and folders at your desk. You probably think that means you’re all set.

There are 12 things that should be in or around every man’s desk that we seldom think of until we need them. Be prepared for whatever happens during work — and after — with these essentials.

A blazer to dress up office-casual attire when needed.

Club Monaco

Even if the dress code at your office doesn't require one, keep a blazer at your desk at all times. A surprise client meeting or TV appearance can rattle the unprepared.

Make sure you can at least appear ready to take on the challenge.

Pictured: Club Monaco Made in the USA Wool Blazer ($595)

An extra pair of shoes.

They don't need to be fancy. They just need to provide a Plan B in case you step in something or get caught in a rainstorm.

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An extra pair of socks.

Speaking of a downpour, a dry pair of socks is the difference between an uncomfortable morning and an uncomfortable day.

While you're at it, stick a pair of underwear in your desk, too. You never know.

A comfortable pair of headphones.

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Headphones are an absolute must in shared workspaces, but we recommend them for everyone. Listening to music at work can actually make you more productive.

An emergency stick of deodorant.

Whether you forgot to apply it or just need to freshen up, a stick of deodorant is indispensable. It's one of the most important items every guy should keep in his desk.

A sturdy umbrella.

It wasn't raining this morning -- but it definitely is now. Good thing you thought ahead and have your trusty umbrella ready to go under your desk.


Another way to combat a sudden rainstorm without ruining your pricey leather shoes: rubber galoshes that slip over them, protecting them from the elements.

Pictured: Swims ($95)

An extra phone charger.

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When you've been on one call after another, there's no more clutch desk accessory than a phone charger exactly when you need it.

A lint brush.

This is especially important for pet owners or anyone particular about their appearance. An embrace with someone wearing a fuzzy sweater can stay with you all day if you don't have one of these.

Disposable toothbrushes.

Fresh breath is important at all times, but especially when you're meeting a date after work. These go-anywhere toothbrushes are extremely useful in a pinch. They even double as toothpicks.

Chewing gum.

No time to brush? Pop a quick stick of gum. Just don't go to town on it if you work in an open office. Your co-workers don't want to hear that.

A high-energy snack for the midday slump.

Keep something in your desk for an afternoon pick-me-up. Almonds are great for this kind of thing. Avoid junk food, which can make you feel worse.

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