2 Things All Great Employers Have In Common

In scanning Glassdoor’s list of the 50 best places to work in 2015, Colin Shaw, CEO of the customer experience consulting firm Beyond Philosophy, noticed all of the companies listed had one thing in common.

From No. 1 Google to No. 50 Disney, every single firm had employees that were proud to work there, Shaw writes in a post on LinkedIn.

That’s why, in his mind, the best way to know you’re at a great company is if the people there are proud of the place they work.

“When you feel proud it means you feel a deep pleasure or satisfaction as a result of your achievement or those of someone close to you,” Shaw explains.

Here are two qualities your company will possess if it’s a great place to work:

1. Your company offers a great customer experience: Shaw says that a great customer experience gives your company a strong reputation among the wider public, one that employees of the company will want to associate themselves with.

2. Your company allows people with emotional intelligence to flourish: Highly rated employers, like Southwest Airlines and Google, are filled with workers who are capable of understanding and catering to the emotions of the people around them, Shaw says.

And once a company hires these emotionally intelligent people, he says, it needs to create “an environment of trust” that allows them to feel empowered and take initiative.

“Empowered is key here, as it implies employees feel they have the leeway to do their jobs in the way they see best. Their organisation trusts them to do so,” he writes. “That’s why Google does so well on surveys, why Southwest employees create musical or stand up performances during routine business, and Disney continues to deliver the magic.”

Read the rest of Shaw’s post on LinkedIn >>

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