Thieves Steal Family's Memorial To Son Killed In Black Saturday Fires

The sculpture stolen from Plenty in rural Victoria.

A memorial sculpture dedicated to a son killed in Victoria’s Black Saturday fires has been stolen from the front yard of the family’s home.

Carol and Dave Matthews lost their 22-year-old son, Sam, on 7 February, 2009, when he perished in the fires at their former home in St Andrews.

The surviving family moved to Plenty to rebuild and commissioned a sculpture by artist Andrew Kasper as a tribute to Sam.

It’s been in the front garden of the family’s new home since 2011.

Carol Matthews said they are devastated by the theft.

The sculpture was taken between 2pm, 16 December, and 8.30am yesterday.

“It is the only physical reminder we have of our son,” Mrs Matthews said.

“We feel like they have stolen his headstone and we desperately need to have it back.”

The two-metre high metal work, would have taken at least two thieves to lift, and put in a utility or a trailer.

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