An Overweight Chinese Thief Ratted Out His Former Accomplices After They Booted Him For Being Too Fat

Fast furious 2 fat gangsterMovieClips / YouTubeNot this gangster.

A corpulent thief in China, snitched on his former gang members after they let him go for putting on too much weight, reports
Beijing Cream via
The thief identified as Abu was part of a gang of climbers that robbed third story homes.

But Abu reportedly piled on the pounds after spending his loot on food and drinks.

The report says his weight surged to 220 pounds, while his accomplices weighed closer to 110 pounds.

His new found girth clearly left him without the dexterity he presumably needed to climb and rob homes three floors up, and he was fired. From Beijing Cream:

“Left on his own, Abu did not last. On August 22, police found him wandering late one night in a residential area. He was out of breath, and fat. (The article makes sure to mention, once again, he weighed more than 100 kilograms.) In his bag, police found a pipe, a laptop computer, and several mobile phones. He admitted to his crimes, and lamented that he shouldn’t have eaten so heartily.

“A few days later, police discovered a series of third-floor apartments had been robbed. Abu realised it must have been the work of his former gang. Thanks to information that he supplied, authorities were able to capture the criminals, who were indeed Abu’s old comrades.”

Apparently, there’s no honour among these thieves.

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