They've Tried Nude, Hobbits, Bear Grylls, Now Air New Zealand Is Hoping You'll Watch A Safety Video Starring Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models

Those crazy safety demonstration bro’s at Air New Zealand have done it again.

Knowing that passengers tend to ignore the pre-flight safety demonstration, ANZ have created their own cult comedy genre around their safety videos, getting a range of celebrities involved, from 80s disco fitness advocate Richard Simmons, to director Peter Jackson and his Hobbit cast and last year, Golden Girl Betty White and wild man Bear Grylls.

The Kiwi airline’s new video, to be released next week, features supermodel Christie Brinkley and Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit models including Australian Jessica Gomes.

Shot on the tropical mid-Pacific paradise of the Cook Islands, 3200km north-east of Aotearoa, the video is a nod to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’s 50th anniversary.

Air New Zealand released a preview video, in which the local island boys seem pretty excited about the visit by the glamorous models, this week, but not everyone’s impressed, with a Kiwi academic labelling the new safety message “highly sexualised” according to Fairfax in New Zealand.

Here’s the preview. What do you think? Is it sexist or just a bit of fun?

It’s not like Air NZ isn’t an equal opportunity ogler, having produced the eye-opening but discretely framed ‘bare essentials’ safety video four years ago, which features cabin crew wearing nothing but body paint urging passengers to “take a second look”.

Watch it below

Then there’s Betty White doing it “old-school style”

Bear Grylls has also shown passengers how to survive

Gollum and Middle Earth got involved too

And for the fans of high kicking ’80s camp, here’s Richard Simmons’ ‘Mile High’.

Last year our friends at Gizmodo ran a compilation of the world’s best airline safety videos. Check them out here.

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