THEY NEED YOUR VOTE: The 25 Singing Politicians You HAVE To Hear

Photo: Shutterstock / Helga Esteb, Russell Shively

They are, technically, the voices of the people. But do they have to take that so literally?For whatever reason, many politicians have felt compelled to sing in public. Some were forced into it. Others were caught with the mic on accidentally.

As for the rest, our best guess is they were moved by temporary insanity.

Regardless, this is some pretty entertaining stuff. The real take-away: Embarrassment is bipartisan.


And here's the two seconds of soul that rocked the nation: Obama singing Al Green.

Ronald Reagan sings the Eureka College Alma Mater with a student singing group. He actually knows the words!

John McCain hocks a fake greatest hits album on SNL. We'd buy it.

The late West Virginia Senator Robert C. Byrd shows us he can jam. Betcha Harry Reid couldn't do that.

The Singing Senators deliver hilarity in beautiful four-part harmony. That's John Ashcroft, Larry Craig, Jim Jeffords, and Trent Lott.

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch writes this Hanukkah gem. He sings a little starting at 1:38.

Janet Reno wants her R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Sing it!

Democrat Chris Young wanted to be mayor of Providence, Rhode Island. This performance of a totally bizarre self-composed song did not help his chances.

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