China Is Cracking Down On A Growing Meth Industry

crystal methCrystal meth rock

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I guess it was just a matter of time before the meth industry got serious in China and the government struck back:The State Food and Drug Administration has called for stricter enforcement of measures limiting the sale of cold medicines containing pseudoephedrine, which has been used for the illicit manufacture of the drug methamphetamine.

Now I know what that funky Beijing smell is really all about. We’ll see how long it takes before drugstores simply stop selling this stuff. In Shandong, the authorities are already taking action:

The Shandong provincial food and drug bureau has issued an emergency notice asking drugstores to keep a closer check on the identity of customers who buy the cold medicine Contac NT.

The pharma companies are also considering going with different formulations. This is all quite familiar to many in the West, or to anyone who has seen Breaking Bad (I miss that show).

And then there’s heightened security. There are already purchase limits, beyond which prescriptions are necessary. Perhaps a new Real ID system is in the offing, or maybe retinal scans or facial recognition? Of course, by the time you’re done going through all those security measures, your cold is probably long gone.

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