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Tim Tebow’s Super Bowl pro-life ad is so controversial, it’s funny.

At least, Jimmy Kimmel, the Upright Citizen’s Brigade and a bunch of angry grannies from Florida thought so. They created parody ads before the spot even aired on Sunday’s CBS broadcast.

Other advocacy groups are responding to the Focus on the Family-sponsored spot with serious videos, too.

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Doritos merges two of this year's hot Super Bowl topics - chips and Tebow. 'And while you're downing that bag of Doritos Collisions Pizza Cravers and Ranch, remember that the fabric of society is being undermined by militant feminism, homosexuality, and premarital sex!'

A group of grannies get in on the action, singing a song about CBS's 'corporate BS.' 'They're hypocrites and they won't give a choice to women's rights,' they sing.'s parody Tebow mum talks about her Heisman loser.

This parody stars 'Pam Tebow' speaking out against abortion: 'Doctors warned me I shouldn't bring him to term...they told me he'd be a below-average NFL quarterback, and he'd be real Christian-y, overly Christian-y.' Warning: Language in this video is most definitely not safe for work!

Jimmy Kimmel reminds viewers 'they don't all turn out like Tim Tebow.' This ad features 35-year-old Jeff, who is unemployed, lives in his parents' basement, and of course, steals their money.

Planned Parenthood recruits former Viking Sean James and Olympic gold medalist Al Joyner.

While the two athletes respect Mrs. Tebow's decision, they are 'working toward the day where... every woman's decision about her health and her family will be respected.'

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