BLOWOUT: Newt Gingrich Crushes Romney In South Carolina

newt gingrich thumbs up

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This was just a very bad night for Romney, and a great night for Newt Gingrich.  

Results will be updated here as they come in tonight. 

The nomination is no longer “inevitably” Romney’s. 

There can be no doubt that the Marianne Gingrich interview with ABC, and the debate question about it produced pro-Newt blowback. The scandal helped Gingrich! 

Currently with 99% of the precints reporting the results look like this: 

Newt Gingrich 41%

Mitt Romney 27%

Rick Santorum 17%

Ron Paul 13%

Interesting exit data from CNN

Newt Gingrich was winning big among conservatives, voters who identified with the Tea Pary, evangelical Christians and late-deciding voters, according to the early exit polls. 

Ron Paul won the youth vote taking 34 per cent of those between 18-24, and  37 per cent of voters between 25-29. 

Mitt Romney won 37 per cent of voters with post-graduate study, and 47 per cent of those who make 200k or more. Romney also won voters who described themselves as moderate or somewhat liberal. Unsurprisingly he lost voters who beleived that the religious views of the candidate “matters a great deal”  – only 9 per cent of those voted for him.