Questions CNBC Bartiromo-Burnett Feud

Erinburnett’s Nat Worden says that CNBC anchors Maria Bartiromo and Erin Burnett may not, in fact, be fighting like cats–that the whole thing might just be a newspaper-selling crock cooked up by Murdoch’s New York Post.  Murdoch, Worden further notes, has an incentive to sell such fiction, because if he can manage to start a cat-fight between Erin and Maria, he’ll have a better chance of luring one of them away to anchor the Fox Business News network. 

We, alas, have no new insights here to report (For previous coverage, see CNBC Beauties Reportedly Fighting Like Cats).  We will suggest, however, that Worden’s invocation of the massive traffic-driving names “Bartiromo” and “Burnett” might be an attempt by to further pump up readership before it sells itself to a traditional media company.  Nat?

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