These Women Are Massive Successes On YouTube


YouTube is big business.

And women are increasingly making their marks. Roughly 20% of the partners are women, a number that is growing rapidly.

They are comedians and beauty stars, singers and parody specialists.

The top 10 boast almost 10 million subscribers between them, and all 10 consider their YouTube venture a full-time job.

10. Liz Nova parodies celebrities.

Channel: LISA NOVA

Subscribers: 717,474

Channel Views: 20,936,205

Heidi Montag UNSEEN footage from Access Hollywood!!!

Channel: HappySlip

Subscribers: 784,968

Channel Views: 17,097,321



Subscribers: 816,723

Channel views: 15,502,152

When We First Met - hellogoodbye

7. The 18-year-old also offers beauty tips.

Channel: JuciyStar07

Subscribers: 833,679

Channel views: 53,741,936

Outfit Of The Day - Mixing Neutrals + Personal Vlog

6. She offers beauty tips for women all over the world.

Channel: Bubzbeauty

Subscribers: 844,072

Channel views: 32,135,132

Autumn Nails

5. Brittani likes acting, art, and cupcakes.

Channel: Brittani Louise Taylor

Subscribers: 871,932

Channel views: 16,125,654


4. VenetianPrincess parodies music videos.

Channel: VenetianPrincess

Subscribers: 1,036,612

Channel Views: 21,685,666

3. Natalie Tran is Australia's most popular YouTuber.

Channel: Communitychannel

Subscribers: 1,054,444

Channel views: 52,965,886

(We Broke Up)

2. iJustine is one of the originals.

Channel: iJustine

Subscribers: 1,257,367

Channel views: 31,325,365


1. Michelle Phan wins.

Channel: Michelle Phan

Subscribers: 1,607,977

Channel views: 78,096,966

Picture Day Tips

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