These Visuals Show How Massive The Mobile App Economy Is

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During Business Insider’s Mobile Advertising Conference last week, Peter Farago, VP of marketing at Flurry Mobile, gave a compelling presentation that outlines just how massive the mobile app-conomy has become.Not only are people are starting to spend more time on their apps than they are browsing the internet, but there are almost as many mobile subscriptions as there are people on the planet.

In spite of these stats, the ratio of mobile ad spending compared to time spent on the apps is merely 1:23.

But, as Farago announced, “Mobile is just getting started!”

The global population.

Versus the mobile phone subscription population. (Remember, some people have more than one phone).

That's way more than how many people have internet subscriptions.

Thus software is eating the world.

(And that's best displayed by visuals of fish).

Slowly but surely, people have started spending more time on their apps than online.

Although TV is still in the lead.

But look at the crazy mobile engagement that works in conjunction with television. The Super Bowl is a prime example of how integrated the interfaces are becoming.

Here's Google's average CPC.

Google is still in the lead for U.S. video engagement, but mobile is catching up.

Even though people are spending more time on apps than web or radio, advertisers are spending next to nothing on the medium.

Compare cable and apps cost.

Pretty significant difference.

Here's how things are changing.

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