These videos show why Richie Benaud was the universal 'voice of cricket'

Benaud at The Ashes in England in 2005. Photo: Tom Shaw/ Getty.

Richie Benaud has a voice that goes hand-in-hand with summer. Whether it be on the TV at the local pub, on the radio in the car or playing in the background of a BBQ, it’s a familiar sound that we have come to know and love.

Not only was Benaud’s commentating insightful, he was also quite cheeky.

Whether people agreed with him or not he stood by his opinion, and people loved him for it.

Here are a few classic videos of Benaud at his finest.

Benaud cracks a few jokes as a streaker takes on Andrew Symmonds.

While commentating a match between Australia and New Zealand in 1981 Benaud described Australia’s final delivery – underarm bowl – as the worst thing he has ever seen on a cricket field.

Benaud pays tribute to Phillip Hughes.

The Australian cricket team even try to impersonate Benaud. They fail miserably.

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