These vandalised Mad Men Ads Are Absolutely Wonderful

Mad Men poster

Photo: Gothamist

Ever since AMC began advertising the new season of Mad Men (starting March 25) with almost entirely blank posters showing a falling man in a suit, vandals in New York have been adding their own flourishes in the white space.And the results are brilliant. You can see a collection of vandalised Mad Men posters here.

The Gothamist blog went one further and asked its readers to create their own Photoshopped version of the Mad Men ads, and got even better results.

Who wouldn’t want to see Mad Men CSI: Miami, for instance?

This is an actual, original, unaltered Mad Men poster as displayed in subway stations. Next, see what people did to them...

Singin' in the rain

Mad Men Escher (By David)

Breakdancing! (By Deric)

Everyone knows alligators live in the New York sewers.

Horatio Caine, account guy. (By Carmel)

Cruz makes the catch! (By Gerald)

OWS (By Dustin)

Don Skater (By Jon)

Look, up in the sky! (By Dwayne)

Alt. Control. Delete. (By Phillip)

Wonderfully executed. (By Mark)

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