These Two Teenagers Have Briefly Beaten Tinder And Vine In The App Store With An App They Coded While Bored At School

Coding star Austin Valleskey. Image: Supplied.

A 15-year old Australian kid was so bored in a science class one day he coded an app, with the help of another teenager in the US, that took over Vine and Tinder in the US app charts.

Meeting via Facebook group High School Hackers, Ben Pasternak and Austin Valleskey are the teenagers behind brain teasing app Impossible Rush.

Based in Sydney Pasternak was bored in his year nine Reddam House science class when he sent the idea to Chicago-based Valleskey.

The boys managed to code the app in just a few hours and actually hadn’t even heard each other’s voices before they met up with Business Insider to chat about their app.

“This is our first time Skyping,” Valleskey said, adding they always spoke over Facebook Messenger.

Pasternak added, “He’s more American than I thought.”

After coding the app it took the pair a couple of days to fine tune the brain exercise game before they contacted New York-based social media marketer Carlos Fajardo to spread the word.

Ben texted Austin the news. Image: Supplied.

“Every time the teacher came passed I just minimised my Facebook blog and my Photoshop,” Pasternak told Business Insider on Tuesday.

Farjardo paid the guys $200 and told the pair it would be in the top charts, something Pasternak said he was “a little sceptical about”.

After being accepted into the US app store it took less than a day for Impossible Rush to takeover Vine and Tinder, peaking at 7th place in Sweden, 16th in the US and 18th in Australia. A pretty cool achievement for two teenagers.

“The next morning I texted [Austin] like 20 times,” Pasternak said. “I was like ‘Austin! Austin! We’re overtaking Vine We’re in the top 20 charts in the US’ It was really hectic that morning.”

Valleskey said it was a “dream” of his to be in the top charts.

The boys said the app was just something they were messing around with and didn’t really think about monetising it or taking a big cut.

“We literally made it for fun,” Pasternak said.

Pasternak said his real project which he hopes will make him the next Zuckerburg is an app which puts all your social media feeds into one place. It’s aptly called One.

He told Business Insider the success of Impossible Rush gives him confidence to pursue his entrepreneurial dream.

While Valleskey is working on an interactive gesture game called Veer.

Here’s a demo of the app.

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