These Two Photos Of A Chinese Skyscraper Were Taken Just 10 Days Apart

Air pollution is one of the biggest lifestyle concerns in China, and composite photos like this show why.

From Reuters:

A combination picture shows the 75-storey high landmark skyscraper of Shenyang in Liaoning province taken on October 11, 2013 (bottom) and October 21, 2013. Air quality in Chinese cities is of increasing concern to China’s stability-obsessed leadership because it plays into popular resentment over political privilege and rising inequality in the world’s second-largest economy. According to local media, most of the major cities in north-eastern China encountered heavy smog on Monday morning. The visibility in Shenyang was measured at 0800 local time (0000 GMT) on Monday to be of less than 200 metres (656 ft).

For more on this situation, see here.

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