This Ridiculously Addictive 'Dr. Meth' Game Has Gained 2 Million Players In 2 Weeks

Two Californian college students have built a never-ending online game, “Dr. Meth”, that lets players build up a drug empire one click at a time.

Like in the popular TV series Breaking Bad, players start with nothing but a chemistry set and sales channel.

The aim is to generate enough money to hire drug dealers and lab assistants (crackhead cooks) to boost production, so you can generate more money per click and … the game goes on.

Programmer Austin Oblouk said the game makes not a single reference to “the television masterpiece”, but Breaking Bad “helped to kick start the game for sure”.

Now, only two weeks since its public launch, Dr. Meth has won over more than 2 million players, with more than 250,000 people playing at any given time.

Oblouk told Business Insider Australia that he and graphic designer Zuri Mach — who attends pharmaceutical school — “made sure to include enough graphics, upgrades and other game elements to keep the average player glued to his screen”.

“We have received death threats [about] some of the edgy components of the game and have had emails praising our work saying its the most original and addicting game they have ever played,” he said.

“I say if you aren’t getting death threats you are doing something wrong.”

To date, the game has raised a small amount in donations from players — enough to pay for a server to host it and “a little extra” to fund the development of an iOS app for the iPhone and iPad.

“Currently, there is an end to the game which is when you get the second page of accomplishments and unlock all of them,” Oblouk said.

“However, we plan to extend game play very soon and are thinking of ways to make the game loop into itself to become never-ending.”

A majority of changes will occur within the next couple of months, with the duo planning to move on to a new, multiplayer game after releasing Dr. Meth version 1.0.

The game is here.

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