These 'secret codes' give you ultimate control over searching for your perfect Netflix movie

Don’t give in just because it’s new. Picture: Netflix

As Netflix grows, it’s not getting any easier to search through it expanding catalogue of movies.

That might explain why Adam Sandler’s first foray for the streaming giant, “The Ridiculous Six”, is it most popular movie ever, despite garnering a record low rating of 0% at review site Rotten Tomatoes.

It’s much easier to just watch the new thing you just read about, rather than scroll through and bypass all the same content you’ve scrolled through and bypassed thousands of times already.

Users are trying to find easier ways to navigate this, such as creating different profiles based on their mood, and letting Netflix’s recommendations do the heavy lifting from there.

But this amazing hack brought to our attention by Gizmodo’s David Nield changes everything. It’s based on a 2014 article from The Atlantic, where Alexis Madrigal revealed the way Netflix organises its content.

It’s not pretty, but it works… mostly.

Organises it into 76,897 micro-genres. Madrigal made an exhaustive effort to break it all down, and here’s one clickable, unofficial list inspired by Madrigal’s post.

Whether the links work or not is a bit hit and miss. You’ll find Independent Movies based on Books, and Suspenseful Action and Adventure movies, no problem.

Generally, the key is keep it general. If the category looks a bit obscure, like Understated Sci-fi and Fantasy, you’ll have less luck.

But any category based on director, actor, genre and age-appropriateness seems to work fine.

The point of it all is, the information’s available, and even in its current state, is fun to navigate.

It’s just a matter of time before someone cleans it up.

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