Why The New SEAL Ad Is As Outrageous As The Obama Leaks It's Attacking


Photo: Dishonorable Disclosure via YouTube

Earlier this week a video came out criticising President Obama for leaking national security information in order to benefit from Osama bin Laden’s death.Operational OpSec Education Fund’s recent video, is filled with Navy SEALs, CIA, and the parents of troops killed in action.

Each of them takes aim and reams Obama for exposing sensitive information about military tactics, cyber warfare, and human intelligence.

As different as each of these “leaks” are, the one thing they all have in common is that none of them are recent, which brings up the question of why the video is being released now.

To be clear, as a former combat Marine in very sensitive and dangerous situations I agree that certain information must be closely guarded to ensure mission success and to save lives. Because of this, I have a hard time not being offended by this video and its obvious agenda. 

The Fund is a nonprofit that refuses to release the names of its donors, yet claims a nonpartisan agenda, whose sole aim is to preserve the safety and welfare of US troops.

Maybe, but maybe not.

While claiming : “We’re concerned for national security” and “We’re concerned for the welfare of future operators on future missions,” why did the group wait until less than 90 days before the election to voice concern via a sophisticated and expensive video? The bin Laden raid was nearly a year-and-a-half ago.

More likely the group is more concerned with unseating Obama.

The SEALs in this anti-Obama ad want to keep their operational techniques secret, but every 12 year-old kid with an Xbox knows the basic tactics behind “stacking up” on a door, or assaulting an enemy position, and the use of dogs for operations is no big secret.

SEAL Swiftboat Obama

Photo: YouTube

This group’s “nonpartisan” mission is to stop “leaks,” but they don’t mention the video game industry. They don’t mention that Navy SEALs with the highest clearances, the guys who work directly with the CIA, worked openly with game producers to produce the most realistic experience possible.

Something else the Fund’s video fails to mention is the movie “Act of Valor” a movie produced from information provided by Navy SEALs and the Pentagon itself. Even casting SEALs in the film, the movie was a big-budget recruiting tool the Navy will benefit from for years.

The video goes on to say that Obama should have held Osama’s death for a while to “exploit” the intelligence gathered, and to take advantage of Al Qaeda’s ignorance about the Osama hit. Except, the first leak about the incident came from a tweet, before bin Laden’s body was even cold. It would have been no secret he was dead, better to hear it from our president.

Every bit of praise is edited out of the ad, which further underlines that this video is more a partisan effort,

Scott Taylor SEAL

Photo: Dishonorable Disclosure via YouTube

than it is an effort to protect US troops.What we do know about the Fund comes from The New York Times that reports the Operational OpSec Education Fund shares office space with a Republican consulting firm, the Trailblazer Group.

Two of the SEALs also have questionable intentions: the first, Ben Smith served as a spokesman for the Tea Party Express and the second, Scott Taylor made an unsuccessful bid for a Republican Congress seat in Virginia.

Sure, Obama is wrong for his leaks. Sure, maybe he took too much credit, but nothing like former President Bush did when he landed on an aircraft carrier, exclaiming “Mission Accomplished” 9 years before the end of the war.

And as someone who still has many friends who are SEALs, I expect more from the guys in this video.

Obama used SEALs to kill bin Laden. Republicans are using them to eliminate Obama.

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