These Reporters Want To See A Supreme Court Health Care Showdown

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Dozens of major news outlets are asking the Supreme Court to do something it has never done before.The New York Times and other major outlets asked the high court Thursday for a live broadcast of the justices’ long-awaited health care announcement.

That broadcast could also include a vociferous dissent, particularly if the court does away with the law.

“There is a strong interest nationwide in the court’s opinion and any comments by a member of the court that may accompany its announcement,” the reporters’ letter to the court stated.

The justice who writes the majority typically speaks about a case while handing down the opinion.

While oral dissents are rare, justices will make them if they want everybody to know they think a decision is particularly bad, according to an article in the Law Library Journal.

The possibility of broadcasting the majority’s announcement along with a dissent could make for an entertaining showdown.

But the high court probably won’t grant the reporters’ request, Scotusblog’s Lyle Denniston predicted, putting the odds of a live broadcast at “remote to non-existent.”

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