These Posts Get Shared The Most On LinkedIn

As 187 million plus users flock to LinkedIn, major companies are experimenting with ways to engage job seekers on the social media site.LinkedIn provided BI with a list of 10 most-liked posts from major brands in Q4 2012.

And while GE did well with a one-off inspirational quote by Thomas Edison, which is the kind of thing that also usual does well on Facebook, the most successful posts specifically addressed what the companies could offer employees. Which makes sense given the nature of the resume sharing site.

LinkedIn is only in the early stages of branded content creation, so big companies should look at these posts as a guide for what works best.

10. Samsung Mobile's post about getting named T3's phone of the year.

Samsung Mobile has 160,000+ followers and 693+ employees on LinkedIn.

9. Deloitte's 2012 revenue announcement.

Deloitte has 469,000+ followers and 142,000+ employees on LinkedIn.

8. Unilever's announcement that it is a number one employer.

Unilever has 314,000+ followers and 42,000+ employees on LinkedIn.

7. Accenture's post that LinkedIn named it one of the most in demand employers in the world.

Accenture has 614,000+ followers and 180,000+ employees on LinkedIn.

6. Nestle's post about cutting carbon emissions.

Nestle has 205,000+ followers and 55,000+ employees on LinkedIn.

5. Procter & Gamble also posted on being the world's 3rd most attractive employer.

P&G has 268,000+ followers and 50,000+ employees on LinkedIn.

4. GE posted a simple Thomas Edison quote. Inspiration is very sharable.

GE has 262,000+ followers and 141,000+ employees on LinkedIn.

3. Microsoft's post announcing new Surface details before its October 26 launch.

Microsoft has 629,000+ followers and 129,000+ employees on LinkedIn.

2. The Walt Disney Company wished itself a happy 89th birthday.

Disney has 133,000+ followers and 54,000+ employees on LinkedIn.

1. Google had the most shared post when it announced that it was LinkedIn's #1 most desired employer.

Google has 651,000+ followers and 54,000+ employees on LinkedIn.

Now take a look at the 10 most liked brands on LinkedIn.

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