These Major IOS 8 Features Won't Be Available Today

Apple will launch iOS 8 to the public, but it won’t include some of the most important improvements, apps, and features previously advertised in the massive update for iPhones and iPads.

According to MacRumors, Apple has apparently discovered a “significant last-minute issue” with its new HealthKit platform, which will allow users to track their biometrics like heart rate, steps, and sleep patterns, and has decided to pull the functionality from iOS 8 until the bug is fixed.

Then there’s iCloud Drive, which offers a new syncing technology that allows users to open any kind of document on any iDevice. This service will be available, but most developers are warning users not to upgrade iCloud to iCloud Drive, since it will cause syncing issues for apps using other syncing methods across Mac and iOS devices. iCloud Drive will be available for the Mac when OS X Yosemite goes live later this year, but developers urge users to wait until OS X Yosemite arrives to activate iCloud Drive.

SMS Continuity was highlighted by Apple as one of the major features in iOS 8, which lets Macs and iOS devices like iPads receive SMS text messages they get on their phone. Unfortunately, this feature has also been delayed to October.

And finally, there’s Apple Pay. The new mobile payments platform for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and the forthcoming Apple Watch will be the first (and possibly only) major service to leverage NFC, but it won’t be available until October. It will be a free update for iOS 8 users.

There are plenty of other exciting iOS 8 features to look forward to, but don’t expect to enjoy the full package on launch day.

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