Execs say these jobs will be the hardest to fill over the next 5 years

CFOs say there will be a shortage of talent over the next five years, according to the third-quarter 2015 Deloitte CFO Signals survey.

Responses were collected in mid August from 114 CFOs, the majority of whom work for large, public companies.

When asked, “In which areas are companies expecting talent shortages?,” they pinpointed the following five areas:

Senior and executive-level leaders

Employee shortages extend to the very top ranks of many public and large-sized companies. CFOs in the survey said they believe executive-level and other senior-leadership talent will be lacking for the next five years. Among those workers are strategy, HR, compliance, and regulatory workers.


CFOs cite expected shortages of innovators, specifically in the areas of “products and services, including engineers, researchers, developers, and designers.”

Business developers

Business development is a key area of concern for many companies. CFOs believe professionals in sales and marketing and also customer analytics will be in short supply for the next half-decade.

IT and technology professionals

The CFO function is becoming more dependent on analytics and big data, as are many other parts of the enterprise. CFOs believe there will be a shortage of “both back office and customer-facing technology areas — ranging from coding and systems integration experts to big data and cyber security specialists to digital channel professionals.”

Operations (industry-specific) experts

Depending on the industry, CFOs believe there will be a shortage of talent with specialised operational skills. Among some of the areas expected to experience shortages are nursing, distribution, and insurance and actuarial services.

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