These incredible 'containscrapers' could solve the lack of housing in India

A Spanish architecture firm is proposing to solve one of the biggest housing issues in Mumbai, India by building skyscrapers out of stacked containers.

The project was spurred by the need to address the lack of infrastructure and adequate sanitation in the Dharavi area and to create an affordable housing solution for local residents, Domain reports.

The so-called “containscrapers” feed off a trend for using shipping containers as a low-cost and flexible alternative to traditional homes in the competitive housing market.

The box-like structures feature simple designs but come with all the basic amenities such as a living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

According to the CRG Architects website, the “irregular shape of the site gives us total freedom to design” with the two shipping container towers reaching heights of 400m and 200m.

The proposed layout has been carefully planned and follows a programmed mathematical pattern to ensure there is even distribution of water and heat throughout the building.

While the buildings would be supported by a concrete and steel structure, residents would also be able to pivot their container to maximise views of the city.

Apart from being an all-round practical solution, CRG says that the “Containscraper” will also be an aesthetic addition to the skyline of Mumbai giving the city a “new visual presence”.

In total, over 2,500 recycled shipping containers would be used in the major residential project set to house more than 1,500 families.

Here’s a closer look at the project below:

The project was designed for the SuperSkyScrapers competition which explores innovation and urban planning in high-rise architectural environments.

It was by far the tallest architectural submission with proposed heights of up to 400m supported by steel and concrete.

The 'Containscraper' building features studio containers while three containers could be joined to create a three-bedroom family residence. The weight of each container unit is distributed evenly throughout the building and can even pivot to face city views away from neighbours.

There is an elevator at the core of each building with some units featuring modules of water tanks to ensure smooth water distribution and combat the heat.

It is described as a game-changer for the Mumbai skyline and could potentially bring about a new landmark for the city with its aesthetic appeal.

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