Meet The Men Who Turned Amazon From Bookstore To Tech Giant

Amazon Andrew Jassy
Amazon’s Andrew Jassy

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If Amazon is one of the biggest, baddest tech companies, it’s got these four guys to thank: Andrew Jassy, Steven Kessel, Brian Valentine and Jeff Blackburn.So says CNNMoney’s list of Amazon’s All-Stars,

Jassy is the guy running Amazon Web services, meaning its cloud, EC2, and Internet storage, S3.

Amazon’s cloud is the go-to choice for Silicon Valley startups. It puts the power of a supercomputer into the hands of anyone, affordably, without getting stuck with thing if your startup tanks. EC2 is literally ranked the 42nd most powerful supercomputer in the world.

Jassy also drafted the business plan for Amazon’s digital music store, says CNNMoney. He is Senior Vice President, Amazon Web Services and Amazon Infrastructure.

Kessel is the Kindle guy. Amazon sells more e-books than actual books, CNNMoney says, and that’s saying something. He also runs the MP3 Music Store that broke the rules when it offered music not crippled with digital rights lock downs. Kessel is Senior Vice President, Worldwide Digital Media.

Blackburn is a money guy and an M&A deal maker. Chalk up the Zappos acquisition to him but he’s also letting Amazon spend money on cloud technology for EC2 and S3. Blackburn is Senior Vice President, Business Development.

Valentine is a former Microsoftie who worked on Windows before coming to Amazon in 2006 to run their e-commerce platform. His work is what makes it so easy to spend your money on the Amazon stuff in your wish list. Valentine is Senior Vice President, Ecommerce Platform.

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