These Girls Were Hospitalized Because Their School Banned Sunscreen

sunburned girl

Two girls in Tacoma, Washington were hospitalized with serious burns because they couldn’t apply or even bring sunscreen to their school’s outdoor field day, reports New York Daily News’ Christine Roberts.

Violet, 11, and Zoe, 9, Michener spent five hours in the sun without sunscreen, although teachers and staff allegedly saw the girls’ burns and at least one teacher had sunscreen with her, but didn’t give it to the girls, Roberts writes.  

Their mother is particularly upset, because Zoe has a form of albinism, which makes her particularly susceptible to sunburns.

Washington state, along with every other state aside from California, bans children from bringing sunscreen or applying it at school, partly because it is considered a form of medication, reports ABC News. 

Furthermore, a spokesman for the Tacoma School District told ABC News that teachers are not able to apply sunscreen to children because of liability issues. Children can only bring sunscreen if they have a note from a doctor.

According to ABC News, the girls’ mother says that she didn’t apply sunscreen before her daughters left the house because it was raining and it would have washed off. 

The girls missed school the following day due to the pain, but are beginning to heal.
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