These GIF Memes About Media Planning Are Hilarious

What Happens In Media Planning

On April 17, a Tumblr satirizing the media buying business titled “What Happens In Media Planning” posted its first animated GIF file.

Since then, the Tumblr has taken off in the media world.

It mocks the stupidity of others in the business, and no one is safe. Popular targets are junior planners, clients, analytics people, the print world and reps. Since mid-April, a few hundred GIFs have been posted on the site, most of which provide an entertaining way to burn an hour at the office. We’ve complied a greatest hits album.

Give them a few seconds to load.

When the PR team has to execute a media buy, they're like:

When a junior planner brags about how he sat courtside at the Knicks game and then went clubbing with a rep but still can't understand what a CPM is, I'm like:

When my client quotes my idea back to me as if it was theirs, I'm like:

When a traditional media planner tries to manage a digital campaign, they're like:

HR email: We are closing early for the long holiday weekend. I'm like:

When a rep offers tiered pricing at levels that he doesn't think we can hit…and we do, I'm like:

When the newspaper buying team talks about what their office looks like, I think it looks like:

When a client asks me to move the AFC Championship game to coincide with their product launch, I'm like:

When my current agency wins a client from the agency I used to work for, I'm like:

When a creepy rep goes in for a hug and a kiss, I'm like:

When a rep opens up a PowerPoint presentation…in a restaurant, I'm like:

When a junior planner brings a friend to the office only summer party, I'm like:

When a vendor starts promoting their blog, I'm like:

When a Tumblr blog full of animated GIFs consumed by cynical media people gets 100k page views in 6 days, I'm like:

When a vendor picks us up in a party bus, I'm like:

When the creative agency pitches an idea that involves a blimp, I'm like:

When I try to explain to my parents what I do, they're like:

When I go out for dinner with friends and remember that I have to actually pay for dinner, I'm like:

When I read an industry blogger who clearly has no idea, I'm like:

When the client requests screenshots of every placement on the campaign, I'm like:

When a rep says we worked together on LinkedIn having just met him at a lunch and learn, I'm like:

When an ad shows up on an NSFW site but it's not my campaign, I'm like:

When a non-media person asks what upfronts are like, I'm like:

When I come into work after my 8th upfront party of the week, I'm like:

When I don't realise that the person I have been hitting on for the last 20 minutes is the new account director, I'm like:

When my client cancels our 5pm Friday status meeting, we're like:

When the creative agency asks if they can build non-standard units, I'm like:

When I prove someone wrong by sending them their own email, I'm like:

When the analytics team gets an industry award, they're like:

Coca-Cola's not just funny on YouTube, sometimes its cute...

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