Bros Make Software For Frats And Sororities: Here's The House Where They Work And Play


Photo: Boonsri Dickinson, Business Insider

It’s perfectly normal to bootstrap your startup and have all of your employees work and sleep in one house, like one big happy family. Mark Zuckerberg ran Facebook out of a house in Palo Alto. And even he liked to go to Stanford University to check out frat parties.One startup is following in his footsteps, by targeting the college market. Webgreek is selling software to frat and sorority chapters around the country.

Patrick Allen, Jordan Pease, and Erik Bro co-founded Webgreek after they left their frat house Phi Gamma Delta at the UC Berkeley and realised how hard it was for frats and sororities to keep in touch with their members.

“We started with a platform that allowed greeks to spend more time enjoying Greek life and less time struggling to manage it,” said Webgreek CEO Allen. “We’re changing the way umbrella organisations increase their value of membership, communicate, and make decisions based on real-time data from their network.”

So Allen¬†figures, he might as well go after the market he knows best — fraternities.

Eight guys live and work in this house.

This is Allen's bedroom, but he also works out of here. He's spraying his co-worker with water.

Here's Erik Bro. Yes, that's his real name. He is one of the co-founders and works as the company's creative director.

Joel Van Wert, who is from Northern Iowa, is the creative director. He slept on a bean bag until his bed arrived.

It took forever! He bought this bed on Groupon, but at least he got a discount.

Nick Crossman is the director of operations. He couldn't resist dressing up.

Yoga! They usually stretch out on their roof deck. But it was dark when we visited.

Jordan Pease is a co-founder. He pulled up an old frat photo on his computer.

This is it. In many ways, the frat culture is prevalent in the current house.

For instance... this 1000 watt sound system lines the entire fourth floor.

Here's the kegerator.

Programmers plus weights equals what? Brogrammers?

They often hold standing meetings.

A fridge full of food from Costco.

They use markers to write inspiring quotes over the desks and the mirrors.

They all chill out at Webgreek's theatre (which is also the sales room and CEO's bedroom).

Tonight they are watching the Walking Dead. They are obsessed with zombies.

The only female living there is named Lady.

The breakfast menu has become somewhat of a gimmick when they have guests over.

Brandon Ancier is in charge of user engagement.

This used to be a laundry room. Now it is Ancier's room. He crafted that door from scratch and managed to perfectly match the crown moulding.

Three interns will live in this single room in the summer.

It's a good thing they get along and are actually friends. Even in their off time, they hang out. They organise Sunday Fundays. Still, we are do they not kill each other?

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